Kamis, 03 Februari 2011

Bring them back

Allah listens to the very silent prayer of a sincere heart.

Then ya Allah, listen to me, to us, to all of people who concerns. Protect our people there. Protect those hearts who went there to fight for their future. Protect those who are now in tense situation there. Bring them back home safe and sound. Please, O Lord.

The line had become completely lost today. I tried to give another call to the same number but this weird man speaking in English-Arabic was answering. I tried to tell myself those people in Egypt are okay, they will be alright and Allah will look after them but after I saw those freaking terrifying news on what currently happen there, I became damn worried, again.

Don't tell me why I even bother, why I even care.
Because I just do. Due to the fact that my friends are now in the havoc, and other Malaysians too.

They said local medias are not informing us with real news. They said that what really happened there now are more serious than what we knew. I didn't watch the tv as I am not at home now, but I do keep in touch with those news through the internet. Every single news. My dad texted me to ask about a friend of mine there, and I told him that I couldn't reach him anymore. He was watching the news that time and he said that the situation are getting worst. Oh Allah.

Bring them back. Safe and sound.
Just bring them back. Every minute counts.
I care. I just do.

I pray to Allah, kuatkan jiwa mereka di sana. Mereka yang terpilih untuk menghadapi situasi macam tu sebab Dia tahu mereka mampu.

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